Are you constantly hustling and burnt TF out?

Creative blocks, burn out, constant fatigue, yet the overwhelming need to keep going, keep fighting, keep DOING. 

You've tried changing your lifestyle and habits, adding more self care, you've experienced an awakening but yet...You still seem to be trapped in the same patterns and loops.

Your trauma has you thinking to get out of this pattern you have to DO something, do MORE...but the truth is:

Your trauma responses are bring you back to the same cycle over and over because it's familiar. 

Do you have guilt and shame weighing down your thoughts?


You feel like you're constantly doing things, yet it still isn't enough. Every day, you get ready staring at all the imperfections you see in the mirror which begin the negative cycles that swirl in your head that narrate your day. You wonder what you have to offer, constantly searching for the thing that makes it all come together. 

You've searched for the thing in jobs, careers, partners, friends, and for awhile it feels right...until it's not. 

You begin to think it's you, fueling your self-blame, self-hate, picking yourself a part even more.

The truth is, that thing you're searching for is YOU. You've just forgotten, and it's time to remember. 

Do constant triggers keep you dissociated?


You wake up wondering what kind of day you'll have. Will it be full of ease and flow, or will it be another fight to do the things that you know make you feel better? 'Why does it feel so hard?'

You think that there is something wrong with you and feelings of guilt and shame creep in so strong that you feel defeated and begin to dissociate, lacking all motivation.

You've tried doctors, meds, lifestyle changes, and it seems like your body and mind are failing you. 

I know this reality FAR too well. I started getting intense period pain, heavy bleeding, panic attacks, depression, apathy, and overall feelings of worthlessness. 

When I woke my womb and uncovered the power within it that I had long forgotten EVERYTHING changed, including my physical, mental, and emotional health.

Worship the F*ck Out of Yourself 

Gone are the days of living in defeat, worthlessness, or lack of purpose. This is our REBEL era. 

This is the era we begin to defy the norms and begin to CREATE the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the IMPOSSIBLE and make them realities.

We're breaking the bulls*t rules because they suck anyway...let's create something REAL, MEANINGFUL, and change the f*ckin' world, babe.



Womb Awakening

Awaken your inner sensuality, creativity, and power

Wake your womb and it's infinite power by releasing trauma from the body, rewiring the mind, activating your intuition, and learning creation magick to make your life drip with abundance, sensuality, and possibilities. 

  • Practice Somatics & Shadow Work for the Womb
  • Discover your purpose through Shamanic Journeying
  • Activate & IGNITE your power and confidence

It’s time to WAKE YOUR WOMB.


Explore Somatics through Body & Breath Journeying, Body Work, and Body Talk; learning how to use each of these to come back home to yourself and your physical body.


Experience Shadow Work and begin to rewire the triggers and negative cycles you feel trapped in. Learn what the 5 elements of the womb are and how to activate them so you can SHIFT. 


Explore Womb Shamanism and discover your hidden purpose and gifts so you can confidently change your life and the lives of everyone around you as you rebirth yourself.


I'm the Womb Shaman and the Flow Queen and I am here to WAKE YOUR WOMB.  

I believe that every woman has the power to rediscover their inner magick, creativity, passions, and desires so they can manifest infinite potentials and embody their abilities as Quantum Creators.

I also believe that freedom, expression, abundance, and creation is our birthright and that once we remember who we truly are and what we're meant to do, that nothing or no one can stop us from fulfilling our purpose and quite literally from CHANGING THE WORLD. 

"I had no idea how much my inner child and teenage self needed love and caring. Womb work showed me how these parts of me need to be healed too and it starts within my womb as I grew into adulthood. Showing those parts of myself that she is loved has been powerful in healing my negative thoughts and lack of confidence."

Teresa B.



Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how hard you work, you are always behind where you (or society) think you should be?

If so, then the Womb Awakening Sacred Course is definitely for you.

I'm going to show you exactly how to turn out society and begin to get to know who you are a soul level so you can feel passionate, purposeful, and sensual instead of dissociated, depressed, anxious, or aimless.

I'm going to teach you how to nurture and protect your own divinity as you go through your daily life.

Today's the Day You Awaken

Because this life is too short to let that sh*t get in your way, Rebel Femme.

Pick the Journey that feels right for you:






  • Receive a BONUS Womb Journey Meditation for Paying In Full