A 9 Week Intensive Group Womb Shadow Experience...

Womb Alchemy Sisterhood is for the women who no longer want to take any shit, who are ready to give back to themselves in all ways - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.
It’s for women who aren’t afraid of the dark, or at least who are ready to move through the fear that they feel.
It’s for women who desire more for their lives and are ready to do whatever it takes to get it.
It’s for women who are ready to hear the things they need, not just the things they want.


It’s for the women who are ready to take ACTION and make their lives magical AF. 

9 Weeks to Rediscover Yourself, Establish Sensual Peace & Heightened Creativity.

Travel to the depths of your womb to find yourself, your purpose, and break free from everything that holds you under.

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I came it to this filled with fear, self doubt, a rough marriage, and so much life trauma. Now, my marriage has done an amazing leap - full of understanding and respect. My fears and self doubt have been strengthened over and over.
I love the woman I am becoming and I can not wait to continue my journey. This was the best & exactly what I needed to heal and strengthen myself.
My experience inside of Womb Alchemy was nothing short of amazing! Womb work has given me so much of myself back and opened me up to myself. 
I didn't know how much I was holding in my womb and because of that I didn't realize how much it was all holding me back. 
WAA has brought me closer to myself and there are no words of gratitude that will ever fully express how that feels.
I feel confident in myself and in my writing, to the point that I’m at the farthest I’ve ever been to becoming an author. 
I’m more discerning and getting better at realizing my boundaries and instituting them. I’m getting even better at figuring out what I do and don’t want in my life and speaking my Truth. I put self care on the agenda. I show up for myself and for the people that love me as I am.