Sacred Courses

Get Turned ON by Life with these Self-Paced Courses!

Womb Awakening

A self-paced course that guides women towards the freedom of expression they long for, whether that's sensual, sexual, or creative, and to ditch hustle, burn out, and constant action that makes them feel depleted, shameful, or guilty.




Learn Womb Creation Magick and SHIFT your life!

Dark Feminine Flows

Use Body Magick to CREATE the life of your dreams.


Shadow work, Journey's, and More!

The Sacral Cauldron

Shamanic Healings & Activations

The Womb Den's Creations 

(Coming Soon!)

Shaman Nikki enters her Den when Spirit calls her for creative expansion to bring you womb health products, artwork, and so much more. This is the place you will find these creations available for purchase.

From her Womb to Yours! xoxo