$66.00 USD

Creating Creative Portals Wombshop

This jam-packed wombshop is like none other as we dive into the INFINITY of Creation Magick.

If you struggle with creative blocks, feeling lost, perfection paralysis, creating solutions to the hardships you experience...then THIS is for you!

In this wombshop you will learn:

  • About the Creation Cycle
  • What your Soul Path Emphasis is and how to use it to create something out of hardship
  • What Portals are and how they're opened
  • How to sense energy
  • How to close unwanted portals
  • How to Open & Work with Creation Portals
  • How to tie it altogether so you never have to deal with Creative Blocks again!

What People Are Saying:

I have participated in several of Nikki's wombshops, and each time I am amazed at the information, education, and practices she brings forth. Most recently, I was in her creative Portal Wombshop where we learned about death, rebirth, and life emphasis, how to sense portals, close unwanted portals, and open a magical AF creative portal with intention and love. Thank you Nikki for all your wisdom, guidance, magic, and love. Your wombshops always shift positive things in my life!

Angie F.

My mind is blown! I have no words! Nikki's energy is amazing and the deliver of her info is incredible. I had sooo much fun and absolutely love being in her energy. The soul purpose emphases info was insanely accurate for me and witnessing my own power of closing negative portals and opening portals for creation and expansion was next level - I had no idea how powerful I truly was. Definitely recommend this wombshop if you are looking for creation and expansion!

Lynn T

For the past few months, my gifts had been slowly shutting down. My inner sight in particular had gone completely dark. Once Nikki taught us how to identify and clear energy portals, my inner vision began to sharpen instantly. My claircognizance then returned and I began receiving instant downloads of information just as I used to. The first half of this workshop was like a nuclear bomb neutralizing the energy around me for miles. Learning to make creative portals is an essential skill and Nikki is the perfect teacher. The wisdom I gained from this wombshop cannot be understated.

Christina B.