$99.00 USD

Shed Your Shit & Heal Thyself Flow Bundle

This Bundle contains 4 unique Embodiment practices called Dark Goddess Flows. 

These flows are designed to help you connect back to your body and soul along with your intuition so you can feel confident & balanced. 

This particular bundle contains 4 flows dedicated to helping your body release shadows & healing certain aspects of who you are. The following flows are included: 

1. Shed your Shit - Designed to release trapped trauma & shadows from the body and aura.

2. Inner Child - Designed to help you connect and heal your inner child so you can feel free and expressive, authentic, and activate your creativity. 

3. Sacral Activation - Designed to heal the womb or sacral chakra, purge trauma from the body in this area, while activating your sensual nature to manifest with ease and magnetize your life. 

4. Restoring Consciousness - Designed for healing and balancing the upper chakras for divine knowing feeling and seeing. Activation of gifts, shedding stuck energy, acceptance of self.

Each bundle includes information on how to practice and an extra grounding meditation.