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Individual Journey's

Want 1:1 time in order to go deeper?

Read about how to work individually with Shaman Nikki

Private Session:


Every session with the Womb Shaman is a collaboration where you'll agree on what needs to be done based on where you are and what is being channeled by Spirit. Every session is unique to the individual so therefore every session looks and feels different. 

It may be more conversational, Shaman Nikki may use somatic exercises, breath work, shamanic movements, and/or sound healing to help release, heal, or activate areas in need. There is no limitation on what can happen within these appointments. 

Some individuals may need more than one appointment depending on what is coming up for them. 

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Dark Feminine Mentorship:

Been on your healing journey for a while and you're ready to blast the doors to your power open?

Know that you have so much to offer the world but you're unsure of how?

Are you considering creating a creative or spiritual business?

Or do you currently have a business but it's feeling unaligned or stagnant?

This mentorship is for the ones who are ready to open the doors to their passion and purpose WIDE.

Every mentorship is channeled per individual and will vary in length, topics/services offered, education, and of course cost.

To begin, simply book a free consultation to go deep with the Womb Shaman to determine what you may need. Next, she will take a few days to channel the perfect program dedicated to you, your goals, and the things in your way from achieving them.

Then, together you will collaborate to make it the perfect program for you, your energy, and your purpose.

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Microdose Coaching:

Interested to see what microdosing psilocybin can do for you? Psilocybin is known to help you process your healing journeys and integrate them at a faster pace, giving you rock solid clarity on the issues that you face. It's also known to be a huge help to anxiety, depression, and can even help people in sobriety.

Interested in learning more? Book a free call to discuss with the Womb Shaman if Microdosing is right for you! 

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Group Journey's

Dark Femmes Flow:

Are you ready to create a sacred relationship with your Body and receive it's wisdom?

Are you ready to create magick through movement?

Do you want to learn how to weave magick throughout your hectic days in order to stay grounded, aligned, peaceful, and free?

Do you want to learn how to magnetize your desires to you and activate your powers?

The Dark Femmes Flow is a monthly membership that includes a shamanic movement channeled from spirit to provide the group what they need every month. You also receive group readings and workshops and so much more!

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Sacred Courses

Anyone who purchases a Sacred Course gets LIFETIME access to the content as well as the Private Facebook Community, AND Monthly Q+A Calls with the Womb Shaman.

Womb Awakening:


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Living Well:

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